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Our Corporate app

Step 1: Download

Download the Application from this link on your phone or tablet.

Step 2: Install

On completing the download, install in on to your gadget (From your settings, please click to “ALLOW INSTALLATION FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES”) This will allow you to complete installation.

Step 3: Sign up

On completing Installation, Set up your account by filling in your NAMES, Then from the Drop down list, Select the ORGANIZATION e.g. Strathmore University, Coca Cola, Strathmore Business School, Safaricom etc (if your organization is not in the list, click on other to add it), Fill the DEPARTMENT you work for in this organization e.g. Admin Services, Finance, IT Department, Marketing, SMC, SFAE etc, then give your PHONE NUMBER in the format +274 723 123 456 and click on SIGN UP


Anytime you book, please type in your pick location up FROM your drop off location TO, the date of the pick up DATE and the time of the pick up TIME. the REMARK slot enables you give further information about this particular booking e.g. arriving from London on Flight BA 065 which lands at the airport at 2100hrs, if you are placing booking for another person (Not yourself) you can indicate the name and the number on the remarks, then click BOOK. The app will prompt you if this booking needs approval or not, NB, if your organization needs the transport coordinator/administrator to allocate you transport, click on YES this means it goes to them who now allocates you a transport. if you click NO, this booking goes direct to the taxi operator who allocates a car and driver for you and you get this notification immediately with the Name of Driver, their number and the Car Registration. Once a car and Driver has been allocated to you, a notification is sent to you and you can get in touch with them and you are ready to go. Please use the Token Number from the notification to validate the trip and you are ready to enjoy your ride!